Episode 35: Zombies, Goblins, and Big Toes.

The fellas are back with apologies for last week, and a whole lot of bouncing around. Listen in as we argue the merits of morning radio, offend as many people as we can, and talk about the upcoming Discover Pods Awards! Plus, be sure to stick around until the end for a special sneak peek to next week’s Halloween Spooktacular!

Episode 32: Baby Got Backstory (My Andaconda Don’t Want None Unless You Got Plot, Hun)

Finally, the boys are back in town, and this time they brought with them an 80 minute discussion on one of the biggest movies of all time IT!


Do not listen if you have yet to see the new Stephen King adaptation.

If you have seen the film (or you don’t care to) than join us as we discuss the film top to bottom.

Is Riz blinded by some kind of fleeting nostalgia for the horror of yesteryear?

Is Chris a contrarian by nature or does he bring good points to the table?

Is Calvin spooked by parents bringing young children into horror films?

All this and more on this weeks episode!

Episode 29: We Digress

In this episode, the fellas go down their top 5 guilty pleasures. also, a poem.

Was Life is a Sandwich

With a new top five

who had us all laughing

with their rhetoric and jive.

Calvin is on the right

reading his Breitbart

the listeners felt betrayed

an arrow through their hearts.

Riz is outside

pissing in a bush

he says it makes him one with nature

its not him talking, but the kush.

Chris is watching springer

wrestling and Dr. Phil

a white trash heaven

where he is king of the hill.

So come one, come all

this train is a rollin’

it’s either Life is a Sandwich

or a polyp in your colon.